Inertial Sensor Refresh Rate

I am trying to figure out the refresh rate of the V5 inertial sensor. I am finding conflicting answers, and I cannot find any official vex documentation on their website or on the website telling the refresh rate of the inertial sensor. This is important, as I am trying to figure out the position of the robot with it. If the equation of acceleration is (v0-v)/delta time then knowing delta time is very important to finding speed and then position. Help?

Edit: when I have access to my teams brain I will set up some quick code to test this out. I will let you guys know.

While I am not 100% sure of the inertial sensor refresh rate I do know that the motors run at a 100 Hz or 10 msec. I believe that the inertial sensor has the same rate.


Data from my program says 10msec


thanks! I will verify this with my brain when I get the chance.

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