Inertial Sensor Returning Incorrect Values for Accleration

Our inertial sensor is returning negative acceleration values even when completely motionless after calibration.
In the videos linked, we used JPearman’s unedited inertial data code to show the values being returned from the inertial sensor. All of the turning values are correct and we use turns perfectly in matches but acceleration data is incorrect.

Is this a problem with our sensor or are the methods broken as of now?

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Neither really.
It’s hard to see exactly what the readings are from the videos, however, static acceleration values for x and y should be 0. We are seeing a little more deviation in acceleration values from the production sensors as compared to our pre production tests. We will probably release a vexos update in a couple of weeks to address this. It doesn’t impact the rotation/heading values much, it may show some roll and pitch when the sensor is level.