Inertial Sensor Update Time

How often does the V5 Inertial Sensor update acceleration? Every 25 msec?
That information is listed here in the 12th paragraph.

That is the gyro’s maximum measurable rotation, which is a different specification than the update rate, which is unfortunately not listed on that site.

According to jp:

The internal chip calculates the quaternions at 200 Hz, and outputs with a raw message rate of 50 Hz.

Here is the relevant thread:


That was accurate at that time.

I changed the default message update rate to 100Hz for vexos 1.0.13 (summer 2020) and added an API for VEXcode and PROS to increase that to 200Hz, although as I explained there are other constraints that limit how often user programs can read the values to 100Hz (although they are also time stamped so there may be some small advantage)


Ah glad to hear it. I saw the mention of the ability to change the update rate in the thread but wasn’t aware the default update rate itself was increased