Inertial Sensor with PROS

Now that the inertial sensor has been released, when will PROS receive an update to support it? I am really excited for this sensor and am looking forward to integrating into the robot for this season.

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Same here (no pun intended).

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Hotel (pros developer) said that he might start making the support for it on Sunday on discord I think.


Alright, perfect. Will all the original units used for the previous gyro work on this one?


It is supposed to be in degrees.

On discord, hotel said that support for the inertial sensor in PROS will likely be available by the time you get your hands on one. This week is busy for college students.


We hope to get the original value directly. And there’s a tutorial. I prefer to write my own integration thread.

We have a pr for support of the IMU/Inertial Sensor up. We’ll gladly take any feedback on the API, and a kernel template is provided if you want to help test it or play around with it.