Inexpensive Data Logging?

Hi! I am new to this and I am trying to figure out the easiest/least expensive way to collect motor data (speed and current v time) on to my laptop. Any suggestions/best practices from those that do this?

Logging data via debug stream in Robot C will get you the motor values, time and the like. Save the file, or copy/paste that into Excel or Open Office of analysis.

But it will not give you motor current values. You need to either estimate current (pretty hard), or get another sensor and wire it in (not competition legal but effective and medium-hard).

Here’s an old thread about estimating motor current:

Incorporated into the smart motor library thread here (you need to do a few things to use this versus what you are used to using):

Sensor is here (I tried this and it works)

Another option is to write out to the serial port to an Arduino or some other means to stream the data to your computer. But you wanted easiest…

And yes, each and every one of these comes from jpearman!!!](

As mentioned by Team80_Giraffes, Robot C debug stream is the simplest way to get data to your PC. Motor Current, estimate or wire extra sensor not competition legal.

Here is two other options to get data out:



Thanks for all the info. This will take me a while to digest:)! For conducting some simple experiments - lubrication, motor input levels (100 vs. 127), does the predicted current using JPearman’s motor library work well, or should I try to measure directly?