I tried to inflate the big Beach Balls and I don’t think this is how they are supposed to look…[ATTACH]7445[/ATTACH]

i dont see whats wrong?..

It’s not inflated enough. You need to get them to somewhere around 51.8" circumference. We used an air compressor with a blowgun, but a bike pump should do it too.

Woah 51.8" in circumference. How will we ever lift? :smiley:

Might I ask where you got this field element? I thought that they didn’t start shipping the new field and elements until June 1st?

They were for sale at Worlds.

I see. I guess our team that went to worlds didin’t buy any :frowning: .

Although it happens that the diameter of the buckyballs is just about the same as the diameter of the balls from gateway, which we have plenty of, so we don’t need any of them yet until we want to start mapping autonomous and whatnot.

It needs to be inflated more to fix the shape. It might also get better over time.

That’s about right. Divide 51.6" by Pi (3.14) and you get your diameter: 16.5". That’s about the right size for the balls.

Well I was not at worldsand our team that went didn’t buy any but I did Order the Game Object Kit with 2nd Day Air (it was $3.00 more than standard) about last Wednesday and i got them on Monday.

Note: As you inflate, please inflate slowly. Inflating too fast may cause the ball to rupture at the seam.

Would have been handy dandy to know when we bought our kit :frowning:

We just popped a ball 5 minutes ago. We weren’t even inflating it very quickly. These balls aren’t very strong. We left the two balls sitting over the weekend and came back to find them both deflated and a small hole in one of them causing it to deflate slowly. Then we popped the other one. There goes half our $50 purchase :confused:

I think I’m speaking for everyone when I say that some extra large balls ought to be included in that $500 game objects bundle.

We are realizing that not all balls are created equal. The size spec will be adjusted accordingly to : 15.5" to 16.5" (16" +or-0.5"). In addition, we will be including some spares in the full field kits.

We’ve also noticed that the balls are much more likely to burst if inflated too quickly; inflate them slowly!

If you have a problem with a ball during inflation, contact tech support so they can get you a replacement.
[email protected]


ooops I read that wrong the first time, my bad

Let’s say the field kits have 2 extra balls in the future. If one ball pops, can we still get a free replacement for that 1 ball (even though we still have a full set?)

Call our support folks, and they’ll try to work with you.


again, VEX - doing it right! :cool: