Influence of driver height at worlds

One thing I noticed during Worlds for In the Zone was one of our drivers literally couldn’t see the cones. I noticed that some of my favorite drivers (Cam from 62, the many amazing drivers of 5225A, 185A) are quite tall. How much does everyone think height factors into the driving (especially at Worlds where the fields are raised)?

Edit: Btw my last season was ITZ lol just thought it would fun to think about.


It impacts depth perception a lot so if it’s a game where there are lots of objects of various shapes and heights in the field it can be pretty noticeable; in a game like tt driving on a raised field compared to a low one was pretty impactful for our team


If you’re like 4 foot you probably cant see the field lol. ngl I don’t really get why you can’t stand on a stool while having an elevated field.


During sack Attack, I had a team of 13yo drivers that made it all the way to the HS worlds division final.
Yes… height will definitely give you certain amount of advantage, but driving practice can also help those vertically challenged drivers close the gap as well.


The reason you are not allowed to stand on something is very simple: safety.

There isn’t space to have something with proper railings in the driver station. Plus, it is not uncommon for drive team members to move around in the driver station, which makes anything you are standing on a potential tripping hazard.


So I love raised fields (as long as they aren’t uneven) and I found that for me I can see from a better angle on raised fields. We recently built a raised field but before that whenever we had a comp on raised fields coming up the drive team would practice on our knees to simulate the elevation.


My dude you are like 6’4" of course you like raised fields :laughing:


:man_shrugging: What can I say, I guess vex is grow to win now.


I mean, I drove for my team this year. I’m 13, and like 5’8". We were always on raised fields, we had a pushbot all season, and we had a definite advantage compared to the 6th graders who are like 4 foot nothing. And they had better robots than we did.

We are from Singapore. Our kids are not as tall as you guys. They are definitely at the lower end of 5”.

In fact there is an quite interested story - during worlds, there was an alliance looking for them. And we told them that they were already queuing up for match and they can look for my kids over at the queuing area.
The alliance asked - how do we know which one is them?
Our answer - you will know. They are the shortest,


From someone who was 4’10 or shorter when I first went to worlds, here’s my 2 cents.

I personally don’t like the raised fields, because they give shorter people like me a disadvantage. I could barely see over the raised fields at the time, which was not enough to give me any depth perception. I often times had to use the camera projecting the match to line up shots with the flags. Worst part is, I wasn’t the shortest one there. There was someone in a wheelchair, who couldn’t even see the field. It definitely gives taller people more of a perception to see the field, giving them more of an advantage. All it really gives people is a better perception of game elements and objects on the field, which can prove to be very useful. Just my 2 cents, take it with a grain of salt.

Side story

As it was my first year, I didn’t look over the game manual too often, and to combat this war with height, my dad went out and bought a stool just for this purpose, without us knowing it’s illegal. We took it to a match, and were told it was illegal. Just thought I would share :slight_smile:


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