Informal Scrimmage SF East Bay or SF Bay Area

We are a new team this year and we would be interested in a very informal scrimmage any weekend starting with the first weekend in October before October 30.

We too would be interested in a scrimmage if anyone is hosting one in the area (provided our robots will be done though :D, which is hard to say at the moment).

Out of curiosity, which school are you from? We’re also from the East Bay (Foothill High School).

I know 254 would be interested. We have a lot of teams interested in practicing and getting a better feel for the game. We are from the San Jose area and have competed with team 1000 in the past.

Hi, We are new to the Forum too, so I have amended.
We are team 2176 Robow Hawk, from Head Royce School located in Oakland, California. I am an assistant Team Coach and my email is If you are interested, could you email 3 possible dates/times.

Team 2176 Robo Hawk
Head Royce School
Oakland, CA

This is team 2176. We are located in Oakland California. could you email some possible dates and times. thanks!