Information from motors

I was wondering about the information I can draw from the vex 393 motors. I know if I add the Integrated Encoder Module onto the back of the motors I can read speed, direction, and distance traveled, but I was curious what information other information I can draw from the motors such as temperature or RPM. Also, I was wondering what I can read from the motors without the encoders or sensors.

You cannot (easily) find temperature as far as I know. Although, you can find out when the motors burn out by comparing inputted values to physical output. As for RPM, you can calculate that with the given speed.

In regards to RPM- Slap an encoder on. Each tick is equal to 1 degree. You can easily program in RPM by wither measuring the ticks in a time frame or programming in a value that updates every couple of seconds. (For that second part it means you can see the value change live if you have a wireless downloader). Hope any of that makes sense and good luck.

You can get a good estimate of motor current and temperature using an IME and the smart motor library.

(it needs an update for ROBOTC V4.55 to fix a few warnings but still works)

The original thread discussing it (don’t download from here though).