Ingenious Mechanisms Book Contest

Here is your chance to win the hardback 4 vol set of Ingenious Mechanisms.

This set has a ton of detailed drawings of really great designs that can trigger your ideas. Most of these are industrial type designs that won’t directly translate to VEXIQ or VEX EDR/V5. But you can take what is presented and move this way.

Book are at a HS / University level. I came across them when I was doing FRC. There was a picture of @JVN desk and they were sitting out. They were helpful to me for the seasons that I did FRC.

Contest rules:

  1. Look at the link or Google search the books and verify that this is something you would use or read
  2. Submit at least 25 words on how this set would be useful to your engineering erffots. (Remember that I’m reading these, so grammatically correct sentences will get a higher score)
  3. Contest is open to anyone that is a VEX forum member in the US. (If you are outside the US and want to pay for shipping then put that in your submission. Books weigh about 2kg. In the US shipping for books is really cheap, cross boarders it’s not)
  4. Decision will be made on Saturday 14 November.
  5. Winner will need to send me a PM with a good USPS shipping address.

Good luck!


These 4 books would be incredibly useful in my engineering efforts. Although I am doing iq I am sure that I would be able to use this knowledge in my efforts of building and designing my robot. I also have a lot of personal projects in which these books would be amazing. I would be sure to use these books to there fullest extent in iq, vrc, and beyond. I am really hyped that this opportunity came up, as I am hounding my dad to pull out his thousand dollar collection of engineering books from college. These books will not go to waste and will be extremely usefull.


Last week of this contest. Check the link in the first post to see if you want these and submit your entry

These set of hardback books would give me a mechanical advantage in the VRC world. Using the ideas inscribed on the pages of these books will help my team and I compete. I would be using this book to consider different mechanisms useful for each VRC game. Finally, I would help others with this book allowing me to help my schoolmates to create new systems for their own robots.


Winner is @MixieQueue for their great submission. @MixieQueue send me a PM with your shipping address and I’ll post your books on Monday.

Thanks to all that participated!