Inheritance, Worlds, and State Skills Lists

Regarding Worlds invitations secured at a State Championship, which is a blended event: if a team double qualifies, the extra spot goes to the next highest skills score holder (on the state wide list) who has not yet qualified, correct?

To quote the 2016-17 VRC Championship Qualifying Criteria, page 4:
“If a team double qualifies, then the next highest, unqualified, Robot Skills Challenge Score team will
get the spot.”

This does not specify that is must be from a High School team. I looked at Brad Lauer’s answers to similar questions, and no where does he state that it must be a High School team.

Also, on that same document, it does not specify that Middle School is only eligible for MS Excellence at blended events, so they should be able to win Design, Robot Skills, Tournament Champions, etc., correct? I see that there are 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, and 20 MS spots for various regions, but is that a hard limit on the number of teams that can qualify from that age range for that region? So if a state has 1 Middle School spot, and the winning alliance is all MS, and there is a MS Excellence Award, do all 4 get Worlds invitations, or only 1 (again, this is only in regard to blended events)? I think it should be clear to the Middle School teams what they can actually achieve.

Thanks for posting your question. In this case, I strongly recommend contacting your REC Foundation Regional Support Manager for details and information. I am only able to answer general questions regarding the guidelines that states/provinces/regions/countries will use to determine the teams that qualify for the VEX Robotics World Championship, your best source for this information is your Regional Support Manager. Generally speaking, “blended” championship events will attempt to allocate spots according to the qualification criteria and then use the Robot Skills Rankings to fill double qualified spots (and/or extra/bonus spots) based upon the allocation by grade level. Good luck, and congratulations on a great season!