Inherited a field, but missing pieces. Help?

We were lucky enough to inherit a field from a school program that was upgrading. Which is good. But we’re missing three of the four corner brackets. Which is bad. If you have any, or know a source, help would be greatly appreciated.

Things we’ve done or plan to do:

  1. Emailed VEX support
  2. Asking the previous Keeper of the Field if he possibly has them
  3. Checking the forum (that’s you!)
  4. Looking into fabrication somewhere
  5. Buying some pieces of wood and screwing them in there nice and tight


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I dont know how strong it will be, but a fair size 3d printer might be able to make placeholders. If you could get the cad, some local teams (or even me if you are in socal) could help fabricate some.

We’re not (Chicago), but I appreciate the offer. Breaking news—The original source of the field had another box of parts laying around. Unexpected, but welcome end to the Corner Piece Saga.