Initial Game Reactions

That’s only in driver control. G4 says that drivers and coaches are to remain in their alliance station except when interacting with the robot as specified in <SG4> or <SG5>. <SG4> covers autonomous interaction (Which is allowed whether or not the robot has left the square just like previous years) and <SG5> covers driver control interaction. (Which is only allowed if it has never left, also just like last year) Drivers and coaches are allowed the same interaction with their robot as last year, it’s just that now they move out of their alliance station and into the alliance robot interaction spot when interacting.

My initial reaction was, “This is going to be too difficult…”, but after really thinking about it, there are plenty of simple (I’m not saying easy, just simple) ways that a robot could meet all of the challenges of this new game. Although, I don’t think this game will see any less design convergence. The harder the game, the harder it would be to solve all of the problems it presents. I think that as soon as someone reveals a robot that can effectively do everything, many teams, especially the inexperienced ones, will try to replecate that design. I may be wrong, my team already has a robot planned out, and I wouldn’t consider us to be too high caliber, so maybe I am over estimating the difficulty of the game.

On the topic of specialization, I do think it will be successful during eliminations because you get to pick your partner, but if you want to do well in qualifications, you’re going to want a robot that can do everything (excluding climbing maybe). Not to mention, judges, at least in my area, tend to really like when you take all aspects of the challenge into consideration, rather then making a robot that completely ignores parts of the game. So judged awards are probably going to realy heavily on how much your robot is capable of.

This is my take on the new game, I could be wrong, but I think that to an extent, I have raised some valid points. Either way, I am going to have a lot of fun this season!

How do you define everything?

Well, I must recant. I didn’t realize that descoring the goal was possible at the time of that post. But otherwise, it will be able to go high hang w/ball, score in goal (including stacking a large ball), and, of course, pick up the BuckyBalls. It’ll also include a sorter to remove any opposite color balls. There’s probably some other stuff that I’m forgetting. Not sure if my concept will end up being used, but the team and I need to hunker down and get some designs going.

Isn’t that kinda bad if you wanna take the other’s teams bucky balls at the end of a match?

Manual override. With flashy LED thingys. :smiley:

Ooooooh… flashy lights :smiley:

I’m gonna break up the Steel Eagles fight here :eek:

From my current design we should be able to do everything (besides descoring the stash [if that’s legal]). Descoring the stash doesn’t look all that important to me right now (as long as you can score fast and first).

Haha, Thomas: you, me, 7:00 Friday night, robotics room. Be there. :rolleyes:
(just kidding. actually, do be there. I’m fairly certain we have club this week)

Anyway, I feel like I’m in the same bo(a)t as you. I think scoring first and fast will be important, and then you’ll need to block for the rest of the match. Perhaps if you picked up a couple of the other alliance’s BuckyBalls once you were done to limit their score significantly (a 20% reduction in available scoring objects).

Being on the same boat with the same ideas is good. Now who can carry out those idea :wink: I guess we’ll see at Zionsville. My plan is to hang in 5 sec right now. That is very feasible from my calculations. The other mechanisms are going to be a secret for now :slight_smile: Anyone want to let me use some of their pneumatics?

I know tons of you guys are going to argue with me on this one, but I believe that descoring would be too complex to be efficient and still give the ability to score just as efficiently as the robot next you that doesn’t descore.

I fully agree with you. This game was not meant to descore the cylindrical tubes. Only descore from the zones. 100% agree :wink:

Me and my team have an idea that will be able to go over the bump, under the barrier, hold a big ball, score them in the stashed position, and hold a big ball while high hanging. But it is only an idea at the moment.

You wanna fight! Of course I’ll be there… what, do you think I have anything to do but robotics and watch Star Trek? By the way I have a 40" hanging bar built in my barn if we need it.

I’m not the president to break up fights (Eliot and Tommy)…

On second thought i will charge admission to the nerd fight (jk)

I agree that de-scoring is not too big of a factor in most situations, but i could see the value of de-scoring objects in the goal zone in select situations. I Have many designs that can do everything. Speed is of the utmost importance in this game.

Also hoarding three of the opposite colored balls whilst hanging at the end would be effective.

Yep, but how do you keep them from the other team while not holding more than 3. this is where it becomes more difficult to do. But if you can get them this is a great way to lower your opponents possible score.

I also made a secret anti-wallbot strategy :smiley: it gets them DQed easy

That doesn’t answer the question of how you plan to get the other teams objects.

Oh It wasn’t supposed to…
Here’s the answer… You just pick up the bucky balls on the ground then hang.