Initial size limit - unpowered robot?

Our team uses rubber-band to provide counter-weight on the robot. As a result, the robot will be “pushed up” at rest by these 30+ rubber bands and stick beyond the initial size limit of 18x18x18. We have to use controller to push down the DR4B arms to keep the robot within the size limit. Does the robot has to be powered down for the initial sizing check? Can we use controller to push down the arms?

The robot must meet the starting size requirements at the beginning of a match, when it is unpowered. You’ll need to work out some sort of latching mechanisms to keep you robot in proper starting size before the match starts.


30 + rubber bands is a bit much. I might try to reduce weight on whatever you are building.

Are these rubber-bands used to counter gravity on the DR4B? (if so it wouldn’t be called counter-weight)

If you are able to post the design we can give advice on how to deal with the problem.

Not sure what exactly your design is but pull out locks (like axles on a string) can work in some cases.

Side note on rules

I know that your robot cannot be powered (motors running) during inspection and the robot is disabled in the beginning of the match, but I cannot seem to find anything about running motors during inspection in the rules. Am I missing it or did they overlook that.

During inspection, you bring the robot unpowered and it is inspected for size etc. Then inspector should ask team to tether the robot to the controller and energize the robot. Inspectors should remember to ask if there is an autonomous mode and if so what it does (prevents robots from flying off the table). The inspector will then check to see if the robot behaves under field control - disabled nothing moves, autonomous controller is disabled, and driver mode the robot works (sort of)…

Back to the sizing, you can not use the field to keep robot in size and the Head Referee can ask for robot to be inspected again if it appears something is not correct.

I think it’s not illegal, u can use pre auton to do it, so u can set stuff like that up. I think :slight_smile:

Good question for Q&A if you want it interpreted that way.

Given what you have stated here, I agree with kmmohn. This would NOT be legal as it requires you to actively be using the controller and motor power to keep the robot in size. During inspection and at the start of the match, the robot is not powered and will not respond to the controller, therefore your robot will be out of size.