Injustice in the RECF (448X)

I mean, you don’t have to look at it. xD Besides, there is still fruitful discussion in this thread.


This type of behavior from RECF event partners is the exact reason why we are making this post. Insulting a parents intelligence for trying to present a case for her child who loves robotics should not be acceptable. I feel as if the RECF is going to be consistent in there rulings there should be a punitive action for this user. @DanMantz @Foster


Please don’t delete this. I’ve been thinking this all along as a mom, coach of an independent team, event partner, volunteer, and someone that has the upmost respect for Dan Mantz: become part of the solution, not part of the problem. If anyone is unhappy with the refs, judges, event partners or anyone else, come on down from the stands and HELP OUT. You are part of the community. There is not some vast conspiracy. No one is getting rich here. It is ALL ABOUT the kids.


Mr. Mantz
With all due respect…All statements given to us do not show any clear wording or actions that the RECF is claiming.

We need to get back to the main focus of this thread being a change for the better for the entire community.


Agreed. Foster this is not appropriate behavior from a highschool freshman much less an EP for 13 years.


But it’s been OK to call Dan Mantz and his staff corrupt, unfair, dishonest and all other things?


Agreed. I hearted your comment. But his points still stand. I also hearted Foster’s comment.

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It’s not fair to call anyone any of these things. They’re called ad hominem attacks I believe. (my specialty is robotics, not speaking :wink: )


This sounds very much like what-aboutism. Two things can be true at once - Foster’s comments are inappropriate, while at the same time, bashing the RECF is not professional.

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OK. I’m caught up. I answered what I could - I know many of you want me to answer more and provide hard evidence but I can not legally disclose emails and statements provided to the REC Foundation. Also note: I will not respond to any emails that contain personal attacks.

I am committed to reviewing the season disqualification review procedure and improving the process.

Good night.


I agree.

I always feel an obligation to step in and condemn personal attacks. @Foster, may I direct you toward my response here in the “appropriate behaviour” thread. TL;DR: “One of the main reasons why robotics was so important for me in high school is that everyone treated everyone else with respect.”

Nope, that’s not OK either. Respect all around, people.


Is it me or is this thread becoming useless it’s more like people seeking validation of their own beliefs? Also, I applaud @DanMantz for replying in this thread for a good portion of today while it was far from required.


disappointing that people think it appropriate to do this.


Take it from a World Champion, people. Hearted. Good night Mr. Mantz.

Good night Mr Mantz. Have a nice evening.

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Not offering a punitive action, offering her a way to prove that she is right, she knows better, she can do this better than I can.

You are unhappy with what I wrote, please, please write to RECF and say @Foster should never run an event again. I spend 1200 hour a year here doing mentoring and running over a dozen events. I would LOVE TO BE FIRED by RECF.

You can not imagine the number of parents that do what she did, and I put them ALL to work. You are unhappy with my event, here is the “clip board of positions” pick yours.

And @Daniel448X since you are not doing VEX since it sounds like you are ragequitting, tell me the slot you want at the events I run. We are always looking for people.


Thank you for answering all of our questions Dan. Thank you for being patient and clearing you schedule to speak with us when you had other things that needed to be taken care of. Your efforts do not go unnoticed.


Goodnight from me as well. Sorry for the ruckus this has caused