inner wall edges part of zone? (objects leaving the field)

Are the inner edges of the playing field walls (field perimeter) part of the near and far zones, or do they just define the outer limits of those zones?

Here you indicate that the zones are not volumes above the surface of the field tiles, but it seems to me to be addressing a different vein of thought.

The question may arise on what to do if a scoring object, after it’s been launched over the fence, hits the inside edge of the playing field on it’s way out of the field of play. Or a less likely but possible event, a star (launched from across the fence) lands on the field perimeter and stays on the field perimeter (similar to how the stars “clip” on to the top of the fence).

A follow-up question for a similar situation: two opposing robots are at the fence and both are contacting the same scoring object, the scoring object goes out of play, no determination can be made as to what robot was touching/supporting the scoring object last. Can a star be placed back ON the fence by a referee? What should happen to a cube that leaves in this situation?

They just define the outer limits. The are not part of the Zone.

This Scoring Object will be returned to the Zone from which it exited, as per <G9>. Since the field walls are not part of any Zone, contacting them would not affect the determination of which Zone it should be returned to.

Referees will have to make a judgement call as to which Zone the object should be returned to.