Innovate Award Outrage

The absence of the innovate award at worlds has been quite upsetting to me and my team. If anyone could give me info on when the winner will be released that would really help.@Karthik


I understand that you are upset. However, unless I’ve missed it, we don’t yet know what happened with the Innovate award. All the people who can answer what happened are currently working on VEX IQ. They’re still there, working away, two weeks after they came to Louisville and started preparing. Though they should have addressed it during the VEX EDR tournament, once they missed that mark, they quickly moved on to VEX IQ. Given that initial missed “deadline” they haven’t had time since then to address it. I’m sure they will. I’m not sure the answer will satisfy everyone, but I know they’re very busy right now.

Here is my point of view (and I understand yours is different): My son’s team, 6135K, also completed and submitted an entry. I know 6135W did as well. (I no longer remember whether the other EC3 teams did; too much has happened.) I am treating it as though 6135K and 6135W did not win the award. Though I feel their entries were good, for whatever reason, neither of their entries was good enough to win.

That does not make me angry. I most certainly don’t see it as a waste of effort that they prepared and submitted an entry. 6135K also didn’t win the Technology division championship tournament. I don’t feel their hard efforts in the competition were wasted.

Your counterpoint might be that at least someone won the Technology division championship. That’s a necessary part of having a tournament. It is not, however, a necessary part of a judged award. As I’ve said before, I have no idea what happened. I’m eager to find out. They need to tell us about it, and they should have done so during the finals, at the latest. But it could be that after judging the entries, nothing qualified by their criteria.

I believe we will find out soon.

Our team received the worlds Innovate Award in 2015 (here in case you’re interested) and it was truly awesome being presented the trophy during Saturday afternoon proceedings with everyone watching.

The 2016 worlds Innovate Award was presented on Friday morning along with online challenge winners. We were there and actually felt sorry for the 2016 recipient team since not a whole lot of people attended.

This year we didn’t make it to the Friday morning opening ceremony which I’d guess is where this award should have been given out however looking at the awards tab on the event page it’s not even listed which is pretty weird so really hoping for a good explanation! Ironically 7682 didn’t make a submission this year.

I was at the friday morning opening ceremony and there wasn’t anything but the “STEM Hall of Fame” awards given out.

The Inspire award was given at the Friday opening in Freedom Hall. It’s not listed on the Awards tab, though.

What I find perplexing is that it appears the innovate entries were in fact looked at to some extent. Our video entry is unlisted and only I and the submission have the link, but it was viewed 4 times from the US in late March. At worlds, we also were visited by two judges on Thursday with specific questions, who were not in the group of judges of our division, and we didn’t submit any other awards, so my only guess could be that they might have been there for innovate.

So it seems strange they wouldn’t give it out when not only teams, but also RECF and/or judges spent time on it.