Innovate award?

Was there an innovate award presented at worlds this year?

By looking on the RobotEvents “Awards” tab, you can see that there is no Innovate Awardee listed. That certainly makes it look like they didn’t (and won’t) present that award.

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If it was open for IQ, and they won it, then it will be on Tuesday.


I like that idea, but VEX IQ Worlds is a completely separate event.

This is strange considering teams had to write a 500 word essay to be considered for the award. I’m not sure why they would just decide not to give one. With about 800 teams in middle school and high school, I’m sure they had many essay entries.

Agreed. I know of several “Innovate” entries. My son’s team (6135K) entered one, as did some of the other teams in the EC3 program.

I posted a Q on the official Worlds Q&A about this. Not only did they have to write an essay for Innovate, but they also had to create a 60-second video. This is a non-trivial amount of work for the students, and for it to be completely dropped without mention or explanation is pretty insulting to the kids who worked hard at creating a submission.


I know you are excited about this since you’ve done an official Q&A and two other threads. I know it’s important. The RECF team is busy flipping from VRC to VIQ. Give them a chance to catch their breaths and get back to you.

Last year, they presented it on Thursday during the opening ceremony after the online awards. When they skipped over it this year, I assumed they were moving it to the final awards ceremony (which I think is more appropriate anyway). Very odd for it to just disappear like this.