Innovative Subsystems or Robots

If you think that your robot has some design or function that is new and innovative post it here. Some of the innovative robots I’ve built were a crab drive that could change from crab to omni to regular using four servos to steer the wheels. I’ve also designed a 2 speed gearbox that attained almost 14 fps:D . So anyone that has anything, whether it be a piece, subsystem, function, robot, program, or idea, post it here. Go ahead show off your stuff :wink: .

Three words: variable diameter wheels :smiley:

wow thats sick art :D! how do those wheels move when its standing up? or does it only go half way up (in the second pic)

The wheels only travel 45 degrees, so the second picture is as far as they go. They function similar to a CVT, in that I can get “unlimited” gear ratios between the maximum diameter (3") and the smallest diameter (1/2"). Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the actual robot. :wink:

i have a really kool and strong claw, ill post a pic later.

Those are great guys. Where are you going to get/how are you going to make the variable diameter wheels? I’m currently working on a tank that uses air to launch the partially threaded extension pieces about 115 ft. :eek: at 100 psi. It reloads automatically to.

The examples on this thread are intimidating. We have built a very small and primative catapult with two servos that sits on top of the squarebot. We have tried various buckets including cut up dixie cups and smaller cups.

Wow! You are always coming up with such great designs. What did you use for the wheels?

Telepathic communications between the robot’s panning or continuously rotating sensor platform (head) and the robot’s body as seen in the following link:

Thanks. :slight_smile:

As soon as I finish up a few last details on the 3D model of the wheels, they are going to be 3D printed out of ABS plastic, which is the same type of plastic that LEGO bricks are made of. (To answer any potential questions, 3D printing basically uses a stream of molten plastic to build up a part layer by layer without a mold. There’s a good video on this page that shows how parts are 3D printed. ;))

Will you perhaps be able to sell these wheels. I would seriously like a set. Also, how do you have access to the 3D printer? I’ve been trying to find an online service or something seeing as I don’t have access to one any other way but have been unsuccessful :frowning: .

I would like to get a set too!

Have you thought about selling them or maybe Vexlabs could have them made and sell them. I think that they would make a unique addition to the Vex line up. But, just being made of ABS plastic they might not have the best traction. If Vexlabs made the wheels maybe they could add a grooved conical rubber tread to each wheel. :cool:

Just a thought.

What CAD program is that done in? Inventor?

heres a good stong claw design. i remeber a couple people asking for one. its just a simple animatoin till i can get the CAD installed. hope u like.

the peach colored things are rubber bands and the red things are pulleys from an erector set. they really dont need to be there tho, it just makes it smoother.

Just make sure that if you allow Vex to manufacture and sell the wheels you get a cut !!! That is a great design and it would be a shame to see you get cut out.

We are purchasing a 3D printer. It is the Dimension model. And we are using Solidworks to model our designs.

But we are new to this. We just started a couple of weeks ago.


Have you considered putting on a tread of some type? Have you made the wheels yet?