Input on drivetrain rpm

My team is currently going to be rebuilding and we plan on changing our chassis to a 2:3 600 rpm cartridge for 6 motor drive. Is that a good ratio to have and will 6 motors be able to handle that? We want to be able to carry at least two goals around and park with them.

Our current robot has a 3:2 200 rpm catridge with 4 motors and the motors have basically been burning out after about 10 minutes of practice. This can also be attributed to our robot being pretty heavy, but we plan on making the new rebuild much lighter.

600 might be too high

Drivetrain rpm is meaningless without knowing wheel diameter. What diameter wheels are you planning on having?


4 inch
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It’ll be geared down for torque with a 2:3 ratio

I would suggest gearing it down to 3:5 instead of 2:3. Gearing down 600 rpm cartridges using a 3:5 ratio is pretty common amongst teams that run six motor 600 rpm cartridges this year and previous years. Even though you have six motors, that ratio doesn’t provide enough torque.


I wouldn’t recommend a 400 rpm drive on 4" wheels, unless you have an 8 motor drive. It is doable on 3.25 or 2.75 wheels, and should have plenty of torque and speed on those on 6 motors. But you probably shouldn’t do it on 4" wheels.