Inquiry Regarding Autonomous Skills

Antedating our proximate competition, I wish to succinctly edify concomitant perplexity which my encephalon adheres. Forthwith, to desist further prolongation, my inquiry shall accost thyselves with local prominence garnishing the aforementioned sequence of emphatic script ramification, albeit in the following sentence. Could our robot perhaps, endeavor the acquisition of objects inheriting eight vertices, or perhaps four correlations of twain linear structures, albeit concurrently emulate and girth the existing locations of towers insouciantly with abysmal however minuscule penetration?



For anyone reading who does not want to spend the next ten minutes of your life looking in a dictionary:

Before my next competition, I want to answer a long-standing question I have had. The question mentioned before will be asked in the next sentence. Can our robot pick up a cube and…put it just above the tower…?

Actual question unclear, rambling made sense though


After dictionary: Coming before our nearest competition, I wish to teach confusion which my encephalon sticks. Immediately, to stop further , my question will boldly approach thyselves with local importance garnishing the previously-mentioned sequence of loud and clear script result, although in the following legal time spent punished. Could our robot maybe, effort the getting of objects inheriting eight highest points, or maybe four relationships of two linear structures, although at the same time copy and width the existing locations of towers in an easygoing way with very bad however tiny amount of penetration?

I think what OP is asking is, “can the robot hold a cube just below the top of a tower in programming skills?” The answer to that is yes - there are no rules prohibiting this action, thus it is allowed.

Another relevant question is, “will the cube count as placed if I do that?” Provided the cube meets the definition of “placed” (i.e., part of the cube is below the placing line), the answer is also yes:

Note that the placing line is roughly 2" below the top edge of the tower, so a cube held just below the top of a tower would not meet the definition of placed.

TL;DR: Touching a placed cube with your robot does not stop it from being placed, but it must be below the placing line.

Yes, thank you for “desist[ing] further prolongation” by phrasing your question as clearly and concisely as possible. /s