Insane Wallbots

What is the most insane wallbot you have seen.
At a competition there was a wallbot that accidentally opened and punched a hole in the drywall in the school. (there’s a poster over it now.)


@224x maybe you want to say something?


Ah, yes, I am infact a insane wallbot, reveal coming soon :slight_smile:


I think ours probably counts. We will release a technical document outlining our robot and its mechanisms after we are eliminated from any further Tower Takeover competitions this year.

Definitely not the most “insane,” but this circumstance of utilizing a normal competitive offensive robot as a wallbot was kinda cool. This bot won this tournament. (May or may not be me…) :wink:


That is pretty cool.
At first I thought that it was illegal but looking at the game manual, it says that it’s only illegal if the robot is fully within. SG3a

Correct. Only if the other bot in fully within protected. Too heavy to really mess with. I lot of my comments on the thing are in the linked thread.

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I mean I used my dr4b tray as a wallbot when we were doing practice matches at our school. But seriously though our b team had one at states this year and they got one of the best teams there stumped and actually tied since their alliance wasn’t great. They just had a huge scissor lift that extended over the protected zone with a deployable smaller wall for the other zone.

at google, first R16 match was my team and 21000c v 7k and tilden, so we took everything off our bot, and with our broken lift (that only had one motor working) so we ran to protected goal and tried to wall bot, only to fall over in some random part of the field and have 21000c yeet into their protected stacks

That was a fun match to watch. YNOT did something similar at the Purdue VEXU tournament this year.


TN rocking the wall bot strats

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(what I’m alluding too)


Maybe not the most insane but its up there:
and here is the one we used at states:
33 PM|293x500


There was a wallbot in IL that had 2 cascade lifts that extended in opposite ways to make a massive wall

Is the robot from the first link competition legal? Because I know any parts that detach from the robot have to remain attached to the main robot in some way, but I’m not sure if I’m just totally blind and don’t see the attachment or if there just isn’t one.

This is awesome! But wouldn’t it be illegal?

Look at the google sig q11 my sister team was the one in large red side.

yeah in that video we don’t have the spool of string connected to it, so it would be illegal.

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Hey that is my team lmao wait a second… Neera

hey tyler ive been cadding since 7 and still only on half a wheel base