Insert sound file into VexCode Blocks for VEX IQ?

I have a student that would like to insert her own voice into a VEX code on VexCode Blocks for a VEX IQ robot. We are familiar with inserting the siren sound, tones, etc. But I am wondering if it is possible and how to go about inserting a recording of her voice.

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The current set of sounds can be programmed with an algrorithm, so they don’t take up a lot of programming space. Even the early voice chips had limited memory and pieced together, the Speak and Spell chips are pretty small by today’s standards.

Recording a voice, even at small sample rates would take up a lot of memory. You would be limited to a 2-4 second sound bite.

If you are really wanting to do a talking robot, your best bet would be one of the greeting cards that lets you record a message (I found a few under $12 on Amazon with a quick search). You can then record your message and then use the card as a “non-functional decoration”.

Remember that the referees can make you take it off if it violates the “Karthik sound rule”. If it’s annoying you have to take it off.

Good luck!


For those of you still on the prowl for putting music or voices on your robot, you might want to check this device out: and the device details / programming.

VEXU teams (yea I know, this is a VIQ thread) should be OK with attaching this to the brain. That will let you control the songs/voices/sounds that it plays. Who wouldn’t want to hear a robot say in the Hulk voice “It’s clobbering time” at the start of the match and the ever popular “I’ll be back” at the end.

Post if you do use this.