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When a team submits their robot for inspection, is there a requirement (and I didn’t see one in the game manual) that the robot must be turned off? The reason I’m asking is that our lift sticks out a tiny bit outside the 18" cube due to generous rubber banding, but the motor pulls it safely inside.

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When the robot is held in the “disabled” state by the field control system before the match begins, all motors will be turned off and set to “coast”. So you will not be able to use motor power to hold the robot in size before the match starts.


I don’t know if you’re looking for solution, but one thing that always helps is a rubber band system that pulls the lift down until the front wheel moves forward (example, it can be anything). If you have seen the tower takeover wheels that launch out you can implement something like that.


Could you please elaborate? This is my first VRC season.

There is a vex feild controller. It gets plugged into your controller, and if you are using the competition template {you have to} it can affect your robot. It has the option to enable or disable the robot. During inspection, before matches start, between autonomous and driver control, and after the match ends, it will be placed in the disabled position. This will disable all controllers, motors, pnumatics, etc.

The other options are autton - it disables the controller and starts autton, and driver.

During inspection, your robot will be connected to the switch, and the motor will not be able to hold the robot togethrr


No, understand the part about a field controller disabling your robot, I was replying to @robomaster’s comment about having rubber bands pulling the lift down until the robot starts moving. I’d love to see an example of that.

I can get you a picture in about an hour and a half


Im in class

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Here’s another example of the concept. For this one it is holding down the elevator under the wheel until you drive forward, then it pops up:

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