Inspector Gadget 979A Reveal

Hey, Everyone!

Finally got our reveal video done!

Here is the link.

2x 2 motor speed drive
1x 4 motor 1:7 8 bar lift
1x 2 motor 1:7 8 bar lift
1 cortex and 1 power expander
8 foot wire chain made of wire and chain zip-tied together.
Deploys and pushed cubes for ~4-7 pt autonomous

Look forward to seeing all of you in the Engineering Division!

Ahahaha, I liked the logo’s of sponsors part :stuck_out_tongue:

Proves that I’m lazy, forgetful, or both!

Really though, oops :eek: I did mean to put those in.

I don’t wanna be that guy, but that tether violates <R3> SubC, which states “The following types of mechanisms and components are NOT allowed: c. that pose an unnecessary risk of entanglement.” If a robot runs over that, it’d be GG. Generally tethers with hard backing, such as lexan are the best choice.

Doesn’t it have high strength chain as its hard backing? Seems like that should suffice.

Yes, Inspector Gadget, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to spend those last precious moments trying to zip tie on some lexan or c-channels. It is probably your best bet.

True, but it seems like chain might have the same issue. It is something that can wrap around things. It could also, although highly unlikely, break.

Interesting idea to have a tether bot with 2 cube scoring robots rather than 1 cube scorer and 1 skyrise builder.

I’m interested to see how the two robots deploy. From the video, it looks like one robot is placed upside down on top of the other one (in fact, the robot with the cortex and LCD screen is upside down). Is the deployment violent? Also, since one of the robots is also upside down, wouldn’t deploying it make the robot land about 2 feet away from the starting tile? Doesn’t that crash it into a cube?

The other robot (the one with the cortex) does land about 2 feet away, but we can angle it so that the robot does not hit the cubes.

As for the discussion on the wire chain:
We have never gotten it entangled on our robots during practice. A robot with about 1 in clearance will run right over the tether, while a shorter clearance will push the tether. We did manage to get the robot high centered once or twice earlier in the season, but it never did seem as a risk of entanglement.

Thanks for the comments and suggestions, I look forward to seeing all of you later today!

called it!

I was impressed with how well you nailed our entire design directly on the head. Good job Jason!

On another note, we had a great first day at Worlds! Got to meet a lot of great people (Cameron Schiller, James Pearman (Yes, he does exist), Tabor, lots of others too. I forgot to wear the Team shirt that we UV printed, so no one recognized me from the forum. Also forgot to put on the name-tag from the generator. We were still approached by LOTS of team and enjoyed the awe at the dual bot.

Thanks to all the great teams of the world and look forward to another great day tomorrow!