Inspire Award Help

What do you guys usually include in the Inspire Award video? We are going to sign up for that award at Worlds and have never done this before, so any help with this award would be appreciated!

It might be cool to include some of the posts in this forum where people talk about how your robot helped them succeed. You could also video tape people from different teams talking about how your robot inspired them. A member from another team at my school who built a chain bar actually mentioned your team and said that you are their inspiration

OK… I was actually thinking of posting some of the comments on our YouTube channel that talk about how we have helped people.

If anyone out there has been inspired by us and would like to make a short video clip of how we inspired them, that would be awesome! If you do, make it 15sec or less cause we only have 60 sec max :wink:

Should we include pics/vids of our robot in the video?

I am still trying to figure this out.

You probably should put some of the reveal thread pictures/videos in your video, since that is the main thing people get inspired by. Please note that these are just suggestions, I have never tried to win the Inspire award

I would like to see other people’s past Inspire Award videos.

Anyone have a link to one?

The Inspire Award came about just two years ago (I believe), and in the past, the only way to win it was through nominations. This year, it is very different. You submit a write-up, as well as a 30-60 second video, both for your own team.


So if it were you, what would you put in the essay and video? I have a basic idea, but that’s it.