Installing a shooter

Hello everyone, my robot is a stacker in this game with a 4 motor 6 bar lift, 4 motor drive, 1 motor flipper, and 1 motor intake. I’d like to design a shooter with 2 motors and I don’t have much space on the robot. Maybe I have plenty but I keep trying to think of a way to put this together. Some have suggested that I just design the shooter, then install it to the robot. Also, I’ve always thought 1:25 was the best gear ratio for this game, but then again I haven’t tested anything. Any suggestions?

Included are many pictures of the robot, for suggestions on where to add and which gear ratio to include.

I also included pictures of prototypes I made for the gear box, but they are either unstable or don’t fit properly

I propose an alternate solution -

Since this game is very heavy on pushing I suggest you spend your last 2 motors on upgrading your chassis. If you really want a ball shooter, you could have a 1 time passive shooter that just fires once during autonomous but not reloadable.

It’ll be easier on your driver anyways to only have to practice for one game element anyways, and you can focus on making your lift really good rather than both.

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Also if you only have 2 available motors I don’t see how you can support a flywheel. You would need to dedicate one motor to intaking and another motor for shooting. Shooting is such a significant choice that I think it would call for a big redesign.
Will’s idea is probably the best for you.

OP already has a motor dedicated to an intake and has 2 available for a shooter.

I would add a linear shooter in the middle of your chassis. They’re compact and most cap teams use them.

Linear punchers are pretty basic if you can figure out how to load them. It can shoot through your 6 bar and the ball can drop down from the top.
A back intake may be ideal.

Agree. We have a short, compact puncher and can hit the top flag from across the field. Works fantastic. Theres 15 points in the flags. Thats lots of points to ignore.

Well, lots of teams are ignoring the cap points, which are just less than the flags. But that’s a whole different issue.

if you are able to I would reccomend designing a shooter then building a cap lift around it.

Punchers are the easiest to make, with the smallest amount of room also needed. 574C has a very good tutorial on their YT channel for one that works very effectively.

I definitely would also reccomend that video. We’ve been working with different puncher designs all season and that video helped us mess around with our current prototype.

Definitely a linear puncher. Also with 2 motors a 1:25 gear ratio is overkill. There’ll be a huge delay time in bringing back the rack with all that torque.

Have you tried making your lift work with 2 motors?

I’m working on a 15x15x15” robot and my whole intake and shooter is really compact. I really recommend a puncher. Mine isn’t linear, it has a slip gear and rotates down

Okay this is pretty helpful. I meant 25:1 on a flywheel btw. Guys got any good links to videos explaining a puncher mechanism?