Installing the 20pt Pipe and the Starting Bar - 2 questions

I’m trying to attach the starting bar to the field perimeter and It seems that where the bar’s gussets attach to the field, the polycarbonate is overlapping the holes. What is the work-around?

Also, is the 20 pt bar supposed to be a little loose? The gussets don’t hold it securely. Wondering if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s supposed move a little.


You have to slide back the plastic to get access to the holes. Stick the button head screws through their holes, and slide the polycarbonate back into place. It hold the screw heads well engough to tighten the wing nuts, which are on the inside of the playing field. The 20 pt bar is a little loose…part of the game, but it won’t go anywhere.

Thanks for the quick response. I guess I was trying to keep the wingnuts on the outside like the setup instructions so I didn’t consider flipping them around, but that makes sense.

And good to know on the 20 pt. bar.


Just as a reminder, the instructions say the wing nuts are to be on the outside of the field perimeter. If a team complains about them, then you might want to install them properly to avoid unwanted controversy.

We’ve already run our first qualifying tournament and had no issues/no comments about it. In fact, neither the head referee (who is really exceptional about details) nor the RECF person we had at the event noticed any issues. I expect problems will be unlikely. But the polycarbonate would have to be drilled for this installation.

we drilled holes in the ploycarb sheet.

On our field, we simply lifted the Lexan (actually, Makrolon :)) and installed the wingnut under that. It looks weird, but works fine.

Yeah we tried that, but it bugged me. So we just drilled through it.

I was also concerned if someone kicked it, it might break the sheet.

Solution: don’t kick the field. :stuck_out_tongue:

If only life were that simple.

It also doesn’t address my annoyance with the appearance of the polycarb being bent out.

Relax, just a joke.

I’m aware.