I am in the process of starting up a brand new team, and I was wondering if my team has to purchase any form of insurance. I have spent previous years with an FRC team, and I know part of the the fees you pay during registration for FIRST go towards your insurance. Is it the same with VEX or do we need to seek out our insurance from a third party?
Thank you

as far as i know VEX insurance is dont be a fool with power tools and dont violate too much OSHA. You have to sign a waiver with team submissions stating you know you could get hurt so im not sure if there is insurance


I believe that risk and liability insurance for your team is up to you, it isn’t really necessary however as I believe that ALL vex events would be covered already. But otherwise, liability waivers are a good idea just so everyone knows the risks involved. If you are doing this through a school or organization, their policy will likely cover you depending on the terms, especially if said organization already had something involving similar tools and risks to VEX.

Someone from RECF will need to chime in, but I don’t know of any coverage at qualifiers or State/Regional events. (I’m an event partner that’s held a ton of events)

If you are under a school, then the school’s liability insurance will cover you.

If you are affiliated with another organization (like scouts, 4H, etc.) they should have a policy that covers you, you should check with them.

If you are a standalone group, you should think about a policy that covers injury at build time / events and travels to events. You should also see how much a theft rider will cost. (sometimes it’s more than the cost of the robot / tools in VEX, but would be worth it for FRC)

For my non-profit we carry a pretty decent insurance policy (1 million injury / 1 million damage), it costs about $700 per year.

Welcome to VEX!


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