Insurgent Alliance

Our team is forming a new nation-wide alliance called the Insurgent Alliance for the 2018-2019 season. If anyone is interested in joining, pm me or @briancole.


Do you accept IQ teams?

The name sounds really cool…

In all seriousness, the alliance will focus on a sharing of ideas as well as support each other at national and world championships

That’s a pretty amusing name, though I don’t know if you mean it ironically. The funny thing about calling a group “The Insurgent Alliance” is the implication that an insurgent rejects organizational authority. It’s like “the Anarchist Congress.” Maybe you meant that; I don’t know. Call yourselves whatever you like.

From Merriam Webster:


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I did choose the name while still in “In the Zone”. My goal was to reject the streamline design and come up with something new, so the name fit then… maybe not as much now.

Isn’t that what all alliances do?

that’s the idea.

So how’s your alliance better than all the others? The contradicting name?

Hmmm, if I get a free shirt I’ll consider it.


That was not on purpose. Sounds cool, though.And I don’t know about shirts, but I can definitely get a logo going.

@Nemesis Our alliance may not be better than other alliances, but it has the potential to be. An alliance’s ability is solely based upon it’s members.

I think what I’m trying to say is, what about your alliance makes it different from others? Why should a team choose to join your alliance over, say, Blitz or Vortex or one of the however many other alliances out there? Is it some special design secrets, live streaming of builds, free shirts, or something else entirely? I’m not trying to be a jerk; I’m just trying to say that simply posting “Hey, we’re starting an alliance - join us if you’re interested” is probably not going to persuade a ton of teams to join (assuming you want that).

The benefit I see here is that I would assume that Blitz and Vortex are extremely selective. If you get to worlds but don’t make elimination rounds, you aren’t going to be selected. This alliance affords the opportunity to easily join an alliance, and grow along with the other teams. Blitz and Vortex are comprised of the best teams already, while this alliance would give members the chance to grow together.

This makes me wonder… how did all the alliances performed at worlds?

Darn, I was about to ask the same question :slight_smile:

Wasn’t @antichamber looking for an alliance to join?