Insurgent Alliance

Ryan asked. He declined us. Doesn’t surprise me, he’s a lot better than we are.

To start off, we’re never going to be Vortex or Blitz good. We’re not that selective as an alliance or that good as a team. However, we are working on a design right now that, if it works, will give us 4 mtr drive, the ability to shoot balls, and score high caps all in one. Those interested in joining can pm me for a little more detail, as I understand this post is quite vague and unconvincing.

Also, Ryan’s writing us a theme song.

Dude wtf you have like no teams

There is a grand total of 2 teams in the alliance.

Totally worth a theme song though. I’m sure of it. Top-tier worlds teams in this alliance.

Count me in bois. You hev 3 now. PM me or something for deetz.

We’re mostly doing it for the fun of writing a theme song.

It has a cool theme song? Insurgent > Blitz and Vortex

It will in about 3 hours…

@20rzaugg I added @TheCrimsonDoubleChin to the discord.

Blitz and Vortex had a team in RR, 666X and 929U. Also, we really can’t determine the strength of many of the good teams on both alliances since the random match schedule can give bad alliances and alliances that prevent you from scoring.

so are there only 3 alliances so far? (Insurgent, Blitz, Vortex) or are there more that i just haven’t heard of?

theres disco bots

there’s also Wiscobots and TVA.

IFT is also an alliance…

Supreme alliance…

Maybe I’m just old in VEX years… But aren’t these things just like cliques in HS except with robots?

what do alliances actually do?

Mostly what these alliances are used for is sharing ideas and concepts and helping each other out without having to fear of someone running off with your ideas and giving them away. They also bring teams together, so when one team wins, it’s sorta like a team effort.

Supreme Alliance OP.

Sad that I only had one supreme sticker on my bot however; 929U had me beat.

Your welcome bro