Intake and Dumping Sacks Designs

In our team’s camp, we have come up with some ways to get the sacks and dump them. However, the ideas we have had just don’t work. The sacks’ unset shape makes it impossible. Have you guys been experiencing the same problems? If so, what are some of your intake methods?

There have been lots of teams who have released their thoughts and even full designs in writing, video and image form. Look for team 323Z, 24C and 4886 on the forums and youtube. There have been similar threads as well if you do a quick search. Even looking at videos of past years on youtube can be very valuable if you are a new team.

Yes, 24C has a thread here and here revealing two of their robot designs. 4886A posted their idea here, and we have our Team Update Thread Here. Also check out our YouTube channel for lots of videos on our intake testings.

Thanks, all. I am new to building, my team last year disbanded and now I am learning to build. In years past, I’ve strictly driven and programmed. I’ve never been good at building or designing, haha.