Intake arms blocking tray

19%20PM I have my intake arms blocking the tray. Is there any way i can make the intakes still intake but are out of the way. I know i can move them and will try that but I am not sure that they will intake. We have 1 motor and can’t go out any more

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is the motor on 100rpm? You could probably just decrease the compression. A side angle picture would help though.

I have the motors set at 75 speed

I guess you could try to code it so that the arms lift as the tray moves forward.
From what I’ve seen so far with this design, the rollers arent supposed to be at the same angle as the tray

Okay i will do that…

Our robots tray has its intake a bit further towards the sides. I think your robot should intake fine and let the tray pass through if you just move the intake further out.

Out like foward of out on the sides. We can’t go up… We are on the limit

For our robot, we have the tray push forwards which pushes the intake outwards. Thats makes the intake not be in the way. Both the tray and the arm (with intakes) are not at the same angle. Hope maybe this helps!


We made our tray narrow, making it ten holes wide so that the cubes run on the c channel side. To prevent the cubes from falling out we put the side shields about 3 in above the end of the rollers. When the filter pushes the tray perpendicular, it just turns the flaps. image This is a pic of what I mean. We have a dr4b tray except the tray is on the base.

Maybe I’m wrong but that seems like a very high angle, if you lower the angle of the tray and make the rollers at an angle just a little lower than the tray than the robot should work. You should also set the rollers at 100 speed and if the rollers are slipping just increase the compression.

If I lower the tray angle. It might go out of the size limit. I will try though.

None of it worked. The cubes fell off, the arms are still in the way

the cubes will usually only fall out if the rollers aren’t angled lower than the tray. I’m confuesd by what you mean when you say the arms block the tray, do the arms interfere with cube intaking?

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The arms don’t interfere but when i’m trying to stack the intakes get the tower stuck so they won’t fall. I can’t angle them lower since the base is in the way. I might have to cut some of the base so the arms stick out and can move when the tray stacks.

Are you using the default drive program, with that the rollers will only run at 100RPM as the digital buttons will only allow for partial speed.

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I programmed them as 75, I am fixing it tomorrow . I just did a major rebuild

Try having your arms overlapping on top with your wheels. You will have to increase your intake size tho

Looks like the edges of L-channels are getting stuck in the chain links. Try to add plastic guards under the sprockets that could slide over the tray pushing the arms a part.

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Is the sprocket the chain gear? Sorry I’m still learning terms. When they push apart, they won’t go back to it original form. Should I add rubber bands and where?

Yes you need rubber bands to adjust the compressive force between the arms.

And you need more flaps for better grip on the cubes.

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