Intake Banding

Hi everyone. Our team is having issues with our intake banding and compression. The intake worked well with a single rubber band across both sides(pic below) but we realized that didn’t allow for dropping the cubes off. Now, even with so many rubber bands on the side, it still struggles.

Any suggestions for how to get more compression? I know there are already posts about this but none of them seem to work for our robot
Thanks in advance!

When you intake do the rollers split apart too much? If so add stops to your base preventing the intakes from moving.


They don’t really split apart that much. Most robots i’ve seen have rollers that come apart more than ours.

If they are slipping, it may be because you don’t have enough flaps attached to the your intake, your intake flaps are spaced too far apart. You would need to use longer flaps, and put the flaps closer to each other.

We have 4 tank tread links between each rubber flap and we are using the medium length ones and there is no problem with slipping. I would suggest putting a physical stop on either side of the arm to prevent the arm from expanding and this losing compression, as Xenon stated earlier.

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Should the flaps still be evenly spaced apart?

I have found that flaps’ lengths and their spacing play a much smaller role in the strength of intakes than the compression.

Rather than adding more flaps, I’d fix the problem at hand, which is a lack of intake compression.


He did however mention that there was less bend than other robots that he had seen. If the issue was compression, the problem would be solved by boxing the C channels, to add extra strength.

For the longest time, couldn’t figure out how to fix compression… That’s all it took.


I made some many design changes to fix compression, but I feel that doing what you did, with the C channel and standoff, plus boxing the C channels will be the best option.