Intake BROKEN :(

Hi, we have a tower bot that can intake blocks using two tank threads with flaps.


The thing is that whenever we intake, many times the thread snaps. When we move the threads farther apart to allow more space for the cube, it cannot efficiently pick up the cube! The spacing we have now is perfect, but the threads keep snapping!

Any suggestions?

P.S this is an old picture i found online. Ours looks very Similar, but with cubes (duh, tower takeover lol)

Some pictures might be useful to help solve the problem

Opps, Yea i uploaded without finishing my question. lol its my first time here. Sorry

so. make sure there is tension on the chain but not too much. Use more flaps and maybe the padded tread since it has more grip on the cubes

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You could trying spacing out intakes and making them tighter, or by making it wider and putting on more flaps and less green treads

Will try Tomorrow! Thanks!

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yay! No problem. I had a tower bot and we had this issue before. Just take it easy on the chain too


there are many ways to avoid chain breaking. the first thing you should do is get perfect tension. not too loose, but not too tight either.

then you can try double or triple chaining your intake. this is where you have a secondary chain running on the inside of your treads to help distribute the load.

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A pretty interesting method but you can consider putting rubber bands between your flaps

did it work?

Imo the best way to prevent chains from breaking is to make the chain go around each sprocket instead of across two sprockets and powering the front roller with gears.

Yes! It breaks way less often now! Thanks!

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Good luck on comps. Butters out

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  1. Green tread breaks very easily, use grey traction tread, and give it 1 more link to decrease tension

  2. put a layer of normal chain on identical sprockets underneath the tread