Intake caps at 5 cubes, please help!

So basically, our intake only intakes 5 cubes before stopping. Both motors are 100 rpm. Our intake is a simple tray style, similar to 1727g’s intake, but ours folds up to stay in size. Our tray angle is about 40 degrees and tilts fine.
20190929_124537 20190929_124522

I had the chain detached when I took the picture. The chain is relatively loose on the rollers, but it doesn’t fall off. Any tighter and the rollers won’t spin. Please help!

Maybe move the intakes in towards the spacers to create more compression against the cubes

does the intake stop spinning, or does it just lose traction on the cubes?

We’ll try that, thanks!

The intake stops spinning

if it physically stops spinning that means it doesn’t have enough torque. try using smaller sprockets to increase the torque.

Alright, we’ll try that

You probably need to tilt the tray more because I use two 200 rpm motors with the same sprocket size you have for my tray and I can push up at least 11 cubes. my angle is about 55 degrees

Just tried tilting to a 55 degree angle and intaking, no change.

Don’t have any smaller sprockets with me, so I’ll have to wait to test that until tomorrow.

Maybe the intake is too small? You really shouldn’t have any problems if you’re using 100 rpm motors.


check for friction in your sprockets maybe? disconnect the motor and see if you can freely spin it by hand

We have the chain lined up against the rail of the tray, so that the flaps protrude over the rail to grab cubes. Would this be too close?

They spin freely by hand, and they spin perfectly fine normally.

Check your code. Is there a cap on the torque the motors can have? There should be a max torque setting

it could be that the intakes are too close together. a picture of a cube in the intake would help.

Would that be this line:


I’m not the programmer


yeah, they definitely could be too close. try making the intakes farther apart, and put larger flaps on them. that should help.

When we change out the sprockets for a smaller size, could we just leave the rollers where they are and increase flap size?