Intake chain keeps snapping off

The chain has been snapping off for a while and it is posing a big issue to our robot.

This problem could be related to the chain being too tight.

Can you post an image?


could also be chain is offset (wrong spacing so forces applied unevenly), or rubbing against structure.

Like mentioned above - pictures - preferably top down view if possible )

I recommend using high strength chain and sprockets.


It might be too tight, that chain looks really straight. Maybe loosen the chain or use high strength chain instead.

Looks overly tight. Add a link or two, maybe?

6p or 9p chain and sprockets?

6P is better than 9P in low load scenarios like an intake. The smaller links allow for more bending and less skipping than the larger high strength links. Having smaller links also allows for more precise tuning of tension which is likely the issue behind your chain snapping off.

Looks like the chain also connects to another shaft (top part of picture) with another flex wheel attached. The flex wheels on the shafts act as miniature flywheels. So when the bottom shaft encounters resistance, the flywheel from the top shaft forces the chain to keep moving. This exceeds the capacity of the chain, snapping it.

Seems you have plenty of room for the fix… run dual chains.