Intake coming out of the motor

So the intake come out of the motor and causing it to not spin in the middle of a Mach

That’s crazy, did you try pushing it back in?


This is where it attaches to the motor.

There is a mental bar running all the way across the intake through the grey plate and into the motor

does anyone have and ideas on how to fix this??

If so pls share!!

Yes but it keeps coming out

Did you try using a better motor


I have tried changing out the motor but it still comes out

Maybe you weren’t pushing it hard enough


Oh my team mate just put a rubber band on the bottom to keep the two pieces to keep it from coming out but that’s you for responding so fast and the great ideas!!

The yellow line is a rubber band

is the COG of the motor good? that could be the problem


The motor looks cantilever so fixing that might fix your problem.

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i couldnt agree more

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You may want to try using 2 collars on the shaft that’s connected to the motor. I see what looks like a collar on the end of the shaft against the small sprocket and chain. Do you have a corresponding collar between the roller and the 4x beam that is connected to the chain? Placing a collar there will prevent movement away from the motor and help keep the shaft in the motor.


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