Intake Compression Issues

Alright, so I’m sorry to post another topic about compression issues on intakes, but I searched for a while to an answer for this issue with these specific hinged intakes but I couldn’t find one. Can someone advise me on how to fix the compression onIMG_0477 IMG_0478 IMG_0479 IMG_0480 these intakes?

Well I’m not an expert on hinged intakes, but I believe adding a ton of rubber bands should help. Personally, I have non hinged non flip out intakes that get 10 cubes, more if I had a longer tray.

Just some tips:

Make sure your tray is evenly centered between the rollers

Overlap each side around half an inch over the tray

Add rubber bands to the hinge

Try using rubber tank treads instead of the smooth links you currently use

Just experiment. We rebuilt our intake around 15 times to what we use now.


The only issue is the more rubber bands you add the harder it is for the tilter to tilt past the intakes

What is your problem currently?
Not intaking?
Can’t intake more than x cubes?

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I know that this sounds silly, but if the issue is that you cannot pick up more then an ‘x’ amount of cubes then have you tried to move the intakes closer together and reduced the flap size? What motor cartridge are you using?

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Its a 200 RPM cartridge, and we can’t move them any closer together. Right now we can’t take more than like 4 cubes

Do your intakes stall at 4 cubes?

I believe someone else said this but I’d bet that your problem isnt the compression but is traction. Use shorter flaps and rubber tank treads. Also try to reduce friction on your tray by using plastic or zip ties for the cubes to slide on.

could do more flaps, if you could get more overlap that would help you allot. I believe changing up the tread and positioning will fix your problem. It looks like you have a solidly build intake, just put it in the right place and you will do great.

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No it doesn’t stall, everything keeps spinning but it’s not pushing the cubes up. Also, what are rubber tank treads? We have the grey flaps on right now

Also do you have an approximate ratio for flaps to chain for optimal traction?

Not sure why they aren’t working, it seems like they would

post a picture with a cube in your intakes. to see if they are close enough together.

I will tomorrow when I go back to our working room

image you should have some in the same kit that you got the flaps in they have rubber on the ends that provide high traction . Also I suggest you put some short flaps on your intake as well


Do the short flaps add more tension?

The short flaps don’t flex as easily as the longer flaps which helps provide compression

having intakes closer together with short flaps is better than intakes farther apart with larger flaps. shorter flaps are more rigid, so they grip the cubes better.


I added the rubber treads and the shorter flaps and we can only get around 6