Intake design help

We have a tray bot but we need a design for an intake. We only have 2 days and the builders aren’t working on it.

Look at other robots. There are a lot of designs out there, and we aren’t going to give you an end-all solution. That’s up to you. Days isn’t a lot of time. It doesn’t have to be perfect right now. It just has to work.


Yeah we have something that we are working on that is just attached to the lift but we are worried that it won’t let the cubes out when we stack it.

You can run the rollers in reverse when you are leaving a stack behind. Maybe code a button to make them run more slowly, or perhaps a function to equate the speed of your rollers to your drive speed in a macro.

More specific problems are easier to help with. If it’s just “help, we don’t know what to do,” we aren’t able to help a whole lot. Even “Help, our intake compression is too low” is more workable.

Specific problems are easier to address and for us to help with.


It would also help if you posted a pic or video of the robot so we can help with the intake part


Will do when I start working on the robot today. Around