Intake Design

What would be the best intake design for this years game? I’ve seen intakes that consist of Omni wheels and tank treads. Also there has been intakes that fold to the side of the robot vs folding upwards. What do you guys think would be the best intake design to go with?

flaps bad


Why? I would think they’re a lot better to get more grip on the ball


maybe for some people’s standards they’re ok, but custom compliant wheels are much better

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What do you mean by custom compliant wheels?

I personally think flip down intakes are better, but there are some advantages to flipping to the side intakes

I think so too but the main problem I see with that kind of intake is that you wouldn’t be able to bend the intake outwards in order to score in the middle tower unless you made it to where the intakes could fold up and also pivot outwards slightly so you can get your intake inside the middle tower

Mine both flip down and can reach inside the center goal to descore. It’s really not that hard tbh.

Would you say they’re faster for descoring, fielding, or both?

I would say they’re more efficient at transferring power in this application

So both

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So do you have it to where the intakes can also pivot outwards slightly? Or how Exactly to do you get it to where the intakes can wrap around the pvc pipes of the Middle Goal?

I just allow them to flex to the side a little. Doesn’t have to be much. I guess technically it’s a screw joint pivot but I did something a little bit different that I actually really like. But yeah basically a restricted screw joint pivot

Alright that makes sense thank you

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Also for this an example would be kinda like 97963A’s rollers. Bands around gears are similar to compliant wheels. There are many other ways to go about it too, some of which I plan to test. But don’t ask @Ethan5956F, he doesn’t want to leek his magic rollers yet :eyes:

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Which combo of stuff to make ball go vroom-
I’d say tank treads with flaps for front and custom vrc legal compliance wheels in the back. Also if you are a newer team and you don’t have many resources you should probably just make a long tread design with 2 sprockets. Also h15 flaps have terrible compression meaning bigger friction loses if not used right so flaps aren’t great for pushing things fast or with a lot of torque. The only think their good at is accepting balls from almost any angle with out must trouble. Also I do not recommend custom compliant wheels because they require some vex parts that most people don’t have. (At least how I plan to do them) And h15 people are very unlikely to share how their going to do their compliant wheels cause they are op.

Which way to flip the intakes:
If you can you should have them stationary and make you bot around the idea that less movement is less problems. This is hard to figure out how to fit in efficiency without a lot of designing in CAD( 3d Modeling)
I would then say have them flip from the side if something is in the way behind it since motor are big.
Then flipping down is the most consistent since gravity always works and you only have to make a locking mech that flips down at the beginning of the match.

How to do compression/pivot point-
I would say with any design have the back rollers be where the joint is so it’s essential stationary and then have a very low rubber band force so it accepts balls easily.

Side Notes-
600 rpm motors should work if done right
This is way to long of a post
Use long flaps always since you don’t have to worry about extreme compression and they also accepting balls better.
Also I didn’t read through this to make sure it sounded right so if something is worded weird it’s because I’m lazy


My intakes flip out and down using two hinges. They work well but the flip out system is complex.

Your first point is what we’re thinking as well. Don’t forget, with flaps at the front, the ball is a lot more likely to be guided in to whatever mechanism you’re making.



Either way of unfolding will work fine, just be sure the intakes have enough compression on the ball.

One roller that seems to be fairly effective is a wheel or sprocket with tread wrapped in rubber bands. This provides far better traction than tank tread alone or even flaps.

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