Intake Extension Problem

My team this year has a vertical intake. At our first competition we could only hold 3 objects maybe 4. We are trying to figure out a way to be able to pre-load/match load from the top of the basket, while having our basket hold 6 maybe 7. Like an extending extension part that just requires the objects to push on it for it to go up. But we could also push down on something for it to go into the basket…

I am stumped, any suggestions?

Spring loaded vertical extension that pops up when arm moves from zero position.

Would you mind explaining that in more detail, and maybe a diagram?

It sounds good, but I would like more clafification. Thanks!

okay this is something i designed i call them shanks

linear sliders were one is extended and one pair of linear slides not put together then attacha rubber band to one side of each then push the side with a rubber band to the side with the rubber band on the other slide
all of the force from the rubber band will now be trying to extend
however you decide to release it is your choice