Intake Floating Tensioner

How do you make a tensioner for a floating intake? Our team has tried several iterations but it still doesn’t work. Please Help!

Pictures for reference!
First Design

Second Design
Image without tensioner

If the intake pivots on the 2nd shaft (the one with the flex wheels) the distance between shafts stays constant… no need for tensioner.

What about it isn’t working specifically? ie is it skipping, having too much friction, or unable to move at all.

Once other issues have been worked out, one recommendation I can make is to use a 6t sprocket (that is mounted on a screw and has circular inserts) as a tensioner rather than a standoff or spacer, as itll be easier on the chain and if done well should have less friction.

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Could you describe your problem more? And as turbodog above said, it doesn’t look like you really need a tensioner there.

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No. I said if it pivots on the 2nd axle you would not need a tensioner.

If you look closely, they need a tensioner with their current design. In their design, axle 1 pivots upwards and is held down by rubber bands.

This design floats due to the mass of the mechanism, no tension required. It pivots on axle 2 so the chain stays the same tension through the range of motion.



Ok, thank you! I will fix it when I get back to school.

Wow. A ‘solution’ checkmark. Thanks.