Intake fold-down HELP!

Can someone explain to me how both the side-sucker intake and the top-sucker intakes fold down? I see that the robots sometimes have to lift their arms, but sometimes not?


There is no universal way that they fold down. People have come up with various designs. One of the more popular ways I have seen is using rubber bands to pull the intakes downwards, and then having a hook somewhere on the intakes that holds them up. This way, the intakes can be rotated, so the hook de attaches and the intakes fall down, or are pulled down by the rubber bands. I realise I have explained this very vaguely, because I think it is best for you to come up with the exact mechanism yourself.

Good luck!

My team’s robot has side suckers which have chains that are attached to the lift. When the lift goes up, the chain pulls the suckers down and then pops off. There are many designs out there, and ours is probably not the easiest way to do it. I have seen one where elastic is looped around a flap to hold it up, and then drops the suckers when they rotate. Try to design something for yourself, but if you are stuck you can use other people’s designs for ideas. :wink:

Thanks for the answers guys. That latch thing that Telmascope sounds pretty reliable. I had this idea but not sure how to make it. Can anyone help?