Intake help

Recently I have tried different prototypes of intakes for my flywheel. However, most of them share a similar problem we cannot seem to fix: Balls climbing over one another. The balls get too close and rub against each other which prevents the intake from moving at all. We also have shredded and old balls which might be the cause of the problem. Because of this, we cannot 10bps!

Any tips or solutions to building an effective and fast intake? Our local scrimmage is in a day’s time, and we would appreciate any help provided. Yes Mr Foo, that scrimmage :-----------) I have high expectations of your teams in your homeground.

Chain seems to work the best in my opinion. Also, make sure there are no spots where the balls are being squeezed to tight. That will cause the balls to not be able to move.

Probably use a chain for the back intake like @4361T suggested, but also since this will mess up your spacing you will need to put some smooth spacing at the back, like nonskid. This will take a while to tune but it should help to have just a little grip. Also make sure you do not have the tank tread/chain too tight, causing a loss in torque.

Think… it could just simply the issue of getting the right height for the intake rollers and the funnel (I presume you have a funnel) correct.

But you can take a look at ours on Friday.

Yes. Have changed out to a chain intake just 2 days ago. Same problem still occurring. Will attempt to use the tips to aid the modifications to the intake. Thanks

If you had noticed we were the team using the “wheel” as our intake roller that Friday. Yes we do have a funnel.

Still think it is a matter of the height of your wheel roller intake.
Especially since it is not as flexible as the rubber band intake, it is more likely to stall.
But you can try it out with the balls at our lab.

Aye. We first started with a pivoted wheel which can adjust according to ball compression. Affected accuracy in our opinion so we had to remove. What are you thoughts of converting to your “intake tray”?

Honestly, you will need to try it and decide for yourself.
There is a need to adjust the tray to make sure it is the correct height as well.
And there are also problems inherent to the tray.
You will really need to try and decide.

That was really intense… especially the finals - worthy of a last scrimmage before going off to world.
Hope we managed to meet your expectations.

And for those in MS, watch out for 8068 teams. They are all ready for world :slight_smile:

If you have a funnel, try changing the speed at which balls travel inwards on each side. You could have one side be linear while the other is more concave, etc. If you have multiple chains side by side, try staggering the flaps to have the balls travel up at different times depending on where along the frontal length it starts at. Of course, make sure there isn’t too much compression, which is always a common problem.

To keep balls from climbing over each other, add material to keep the balls down such as 1x’s or lexan.

Looking at the scrimmage… Think they have solved the issue…

Sorry, missed that… Good for them!

Thanks all for your help. But to be honest…

We converted back to what was originally on the robot last Friday. Just a little modification to the funnel. Still not the fire rate I desired, but maybe reassembling it was the solution!

Our scores did not meet my expectations especially in the finals. Could already achieve scores like the high 200s in qualifiers, did not expect the low to mid 100s in finals. Also… achievement for 1097 SP in 7 games!

It was definitely a different experience for us. MS vs HS in finals and we got demolished. I am definitely expecting too much out of myself (which is good :P) Would not say we are 100% ready for worlds

Let’s keep the details of how it happened among ourselves :stuck_out_tongue:
But my analysis is that we were quicker to the balls and your alliance was too overly concerned with playing defence against 8059A.

But it was definitely intense to say the least. There were even moments that I thought we would hv lost… Esp when one side of 8059A drivetrain transmission failed (your double defense was tough! And 8059D was actually carrying 8059A in certain parts of the matches).

But I really think you guys will be hard to beat in MS.

Thanks for the compliments and confidence booster. Hope to show you some trophies back in Singapore. Will still definitely be a hard transition if I ever want to continue HS VEX in JC. Anyways… will be attending your open house this Saturday before flying off, hope to see you around!