Intake Idea for Gateway


What do you think about the cheesy poof intake except a little bit smaller, and you can be able to lift it to the 30" goal?

Which one? There’s a lot of 254 teams…

A. I am 96% sure he is talking about the dual vertical intake roller shafts…



Most definitely 254A their intake design from cleansweep and the dual from round up

Could be difficult to control the balls with that. They might just roll away. Now if you flipped it so it pointed down and sucked up, that would work very well.

I do agree,
However that would turn it into being fast and big loader
to having to be super efficient but very slow one at a time type thing

3008, if those rollers were adjusted and tested so that they would perfectly fit these balls and barrels then it would most certainly be efficiently. As one of my mentors once said “Any design can be successful or unsuccessful, it just matters on how well it is executed and built.” 3008 amazing round up robot btw. I loved how you guys could score, descore, and lift the bases all with one mechanism.

maybe not exactly 90 degrees
we are planning a slope to our “single file bucket” (holds 3)
we still didnt get our ball and barrel yet so we are still just sitting here…

Yea us too. Our robot is actually almost complete. We finished our manipulator, and now we are fixing our lift. The only thing we might have to do is sit and wait till they arrive this coming week.

A couple of the members from my school had an idea like this but just the claw. We thought about it for a while but it just doesn’t seem to be accepted by the everyone else.

We haven’t really gotten any further than that idea (we haven’t had a chance to really meet about VEX for a while). We’re so behind already :frowning:

Well, maybe. See, the thing we discovered with that type of mechanism when we built it for Round Up was that there’s a tradeoff between pickup ability and capacity. If you have a lot of friction with the thing you’re trying to pick up, it’s ridiculously slow and your aim needs to be perfect. If you don’t have enough friction, grab more than one and gravity pulls the whole stack right out.

Now, 2438B was built/tested/polished in about six weeks by a team of 2-3 people (everyone else was at FRC), and the first couple were devoted to getting the drive absolutely perfect. The four-bar was easy; we had gotten it right on 2438A, so it was a matter of transferring the same basic principle over. All of the rest of the time was devoted (to the tune of ~2.5 hrs/day + 5/6 hours on weekends) to getting that bloody intake to work. The last modification was made on the night before we got on the plane, after we had packed up the robots into their crates.

Now, we certainly have a lot more than six weeks to work before our first tournaments… but this year’s game objects are far harder to pick up than last year’s. The geometry of the barrel requires that your intake have about two inches of wiggle room to be able to pick it up from all orientations (yes, the diagonal applies, because you’re coming from above). Since only half or your intake roller is exerting upwards force, this means rollers with a diameter of about four inches minimum, all trying to exert meaningful enough torque to fight gravity. Then you need to lift it thirty inches.

I’m not saying it can’t be done. I’m saying that building that mechanism for Round Up was a huge engineering investment, and that getting the same mechanism to work consistently for Gateway is significantly harder, for a relatively slow pickup (one at a time, not terribly quickly either).

Well, you don’t necessarily need large diameter intake rollers. This game takes after clean sweep in that the objects aren’t the same size. So, maybe use the same concepts for pick up. What most of the sweeper intakes did was a pivoting roller, that can expand to accommodate the white ball. Here, just use some sort of expanding rollers with enough grip that force your intake open.

Like I said, the vertical intake is not impossible, but it’s time consuming–and I don’t see a marked speed advantage over other intakes. Of course, I could be wrong, having touted mechanical claws over center needles all last season. (To an extent, I do stand by that; from where I’m standing it wasn’t the center needle that won Worlds, it was the goal lifters.) But back on topic… I think there are better options than having to lift a tube a total of 42 inches to get a capacity of 3.

A roller intake like Clean Sweep sounds great for the barrels on their side, but what about vertical?

I suppose that would be the most “KISS” way to do it. And I don’t doubt you have :wink:

Now I can’t just give away all of my secrets in the first month! :smiley:

Unless you can get a capacity of more than 3…

I have a feeling I know what you’re thinking… :rolleyes:

Well great minds do think alike :rolleyes:

But what exactly do you have in mind? (I’m not about to come out and just throw everything I have into this thread, as much as I support inspiration and such)

Neither am I. :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides, I want to CAD it to see if it’ll fit/work first. (and who knows how long that will take…)

Well, you could have a hopper sort of thing above your intake, that can hold a few objects in each layer, reducing how tall it needs to be to have several objects. Or, you could do an expanding shaft like the elevation bots, but that gets really tall really quickly trying to store all of those objects vertically.

Also, something that can pick up while driving at full speed would be nice too. Even if it could only do single objects and couldn’t sweep up an entire field of objects that would be okay.

I don’t see why you guys aren’t sharing, unless you have something that no one has thought of. Someone could take your idea, yes, but they could also point out flaws and improve it.

if anyone is trying to build an “expanding top” (like that of elevaiton) tipping would be a BIG issue
because if your hopper expanded to 20" and then LIFTED that 20" to 30" to score on the high goal, your robot would be 50" tall!
now if another robot just TOUCHES you, it would be very hard for the refs to call it intentional or high CG