Intake idea: vertical roller intake

I’ve seen a lot of robots with different types of claws, but an idea for an intake I came up with is a vertical roller intake.

A basic robot would consist of something like a reverse double 4-bar with the intake on the top. The intake consists of 2 vertical axles with sprockets and chain flaps around the sprockets. The axles are wide enough to fit a cone thru. When the axles spin opposite directions It is very similar to Nothing But Net intakes, except it’s vertical and twice the intake…

After that, the designs could change. I sketched up a basic robot with this intake (SolidWorks file below), and in it, the cone sits in a compartment between the intake and another pair of vertical rollers. When the interior rollers run, they will move a cone back, where it will stack internally on a goal or stack.

For the image/file below…

Left: the first design, showing a side view of the robot fully extended. This shows the vertical intake rollers, a compartment to store a cone, and interior vertical rollers, which outtake to an open area, where a stack would be. The first design does have a few inconsistencies with the other designs.

Top right: A top-down view of the robot. There is a lot here, but it was mostly made for spacing out the intake compartment, mobile goal lift, drivebase, and other components. The top-down view shows the intake compartment, positioning for the vertical rollers, and where a mobile goal lift would go behind the robot. It also shows it with a drivebase, and there isn’t enough room for rear drive motors, so a 6-wheel drivebase might be necessary. There is a little room between the mobile goal lift and the cone compartment when it is stowed away, possibly for the cortex and batteries.

Bottom right: A close-up of the cone compartment. It is supposed to intake from the left and outtake to a stack/goal on the right. On the outtake side, there is a hinged ramp. Hinged so that it can go over the middle section mentioned above, and ramp so that when stacking, cones could go across the middle section.

This isn’t a full robot design, and there are quite a few flaws. The design is more complex than a claw, but it does have some advantages to it. If you need anything cleared up, I’ll try my best to help you. (548 KB)

Goliath intake kinda like this?

Yes. This is a simpler design than my sketch. However, I don’t think you could internally stack this way.

not with a chain bar

So . . . Side rollers :slight_smile:

Why can’t you stack internally using Goliath with a chain bar?