Intake Idea?

Okay, so I wanted to change my intake to a rubber band intake so I can pick balls up easier. One problem that I have is I’m out of motors. Could I chain link my front drive motors to the rubber band intake?

I would just chain it with your existing intake if I were you. You could chain it with your drive but that would make it hard to pick up balls that are against the wall.

Good point

Goes in reverse. Loses all your balls.

They could put the front roller system on a ratchet so when they drive backwards they make a lot of noise but the balls would stay in place.

This idea works well, and can be done with minimal noise. I have one on my robot that deploys a lift when the intake is run backwards. The problem is that sometimes it seems like it would be nice to be able to run the intake backwards, but that would be disastrous.

How did you manage to make your ratchet quite? The ratchets that I’ve seen all are incredibly loud when activated.

if you loosen the rubber bands pulling down on the ratchet is gets very quiet. its when you have a ton of tension that it is loud and friction can be an issue.

Yeah. Although we don’t actually use rubber bands on ours. We use the rubber links to apply pressure, we just spent a while adjusting them so that it was smooth.
This is the inspiration (80% of the actual design)
We made some large changes to that design as it needed to support some weight.

As what I see, it seems like you are using 4 motors for flywheel, 4 on drivetrain, and 2 for controlling the height of the shooter. which leads to 2 for accumulator. If I were you, I would link the two conveyors in the middle by chain, and that should leave 1 motor for the rubber band intake. Making a rubber band intake using a chain will be fairly hard to do, so just use motors specifically for the intake.

And 2 for intake

I would suggest chaining the entire intake you have right now together to run off of one motor, then moving the second motor to the rubber band intake. That will make your life much easier.

Exactly what I said. Yeah, agreed.

That is the point, they are trying to find a way to add a rubberband intake to their robot.

Imo, as cool as they are, tilting your fw up and down isn’t really nesseccary. Look at the cyber brains 974x they do very well without it.