Intake ideas?

Our team doesn’t know what kind of intake system to use. So far we have built the chassis and our launcher. The chassis is a reversed A shaped with four omni-directional wheels and two motors on two chains (one motor per side). As for our launcher we have a pullback slingshot launcher using two motors and a 12-60-12 gear ratio.
Our ideas for an intake system is this:

  1. Ferris wheel intake: scoops up game balls, carries them to a ramp, ball rolls down ramp into launcher. (one button for it)

  2. Conveyor belt w/ scoop: (similar to FWI) scoops up game balls, Brings them to launcher. (two buttons for it)

  3. flip/dump intake: flips balls into bucket, bucket then dumps into launcher/ramp which then travels to launcher. (4 buttons for it)

Which one of these seem like the best answer?

I would suggest taking a close look at intakes from Sack Attack and Clean Sweep. Since you seem to be alright with a multistage mechanism these should offer some proven evidence as to what works and what doesn’t. I personally like conveyors and rollers and that is what I use.

I like the Idea about the Ferris wheel! Very out of the box Idea! Might get you the create award or something along those lines!
I personally believe the conveyor belt is the best choose! It is easier to build and if you do two belts facing each other you would not have to use scoops if they are close enough together… This also allows you to pick up balls at anytime and not wait for a scoop to come! :smiley:
Hope this Help,
Team 255 T

UPDATE: we cant use our Ferris wheel intake because we don’t have enough room for it on our base. the space we have is pretty much 6inx18in. So a conveyor belt would be pretty useful. but could we fit one into that small space?

6x18 is HUGE. you could easily do it in 1/3 of that with a well designed system. I’d suggest taking a look at 62’s for inspiration.