Intake Ideas

I was wondering what everyone think the best type of intake is.
We currently have a decent rubber band intake, but we will need a better design for worlds.
What type of intakes have you guys had success with?
Also, would having a free moving intake be worth it?
By free moving, I mean the intake moving up as it intakes a stack.

A free moving intake would require either a motor or pneumatics to move up and down in its standard form.
A. A motor is quite valuable, and could certainly be put to better use. If you really have motors lying around, and really don’t want to use them anywhere else, than be my guest.
B. Using pneumatics just for the intake moving up and down isn’t worth it, as it puts you down by two motors. However, if you’re already using pneumatics on existing mechanisms of your robots, then it may be worth it to put these pneumatics to multiple uses.

I have seen some robots with the intake attached to a hinge.
They would attached the second stage intake(that leads to the flywheel) to the hinged intake with chain.
The hinged intake would turn when the second stage intake starts.
Since it’s on a hinge, it can move up without pneumatics or a motor.

The reason I was thinking of doing this is because I want to free a motor.
I’m just worried that it may burn out after a while.

Free moving doesn’t necessarily mean the use of a motor or pneumatics. I believe he means a roller that is held on by a nylon nut that is able to freely rotate.

For now I think that your best bet would be to work on optimizing the elastic intake you have right now. It’s pretty efficient in terms of weight and has excellent grip on most balls when done right.

Like what 62 and 9090A have.

That’s what I meant.

Thanks for the plug m8

I would suggest something like what 62 and 9090A have, about the same as a 400x style intake. It seems to work very well, just make it as wide and fast as you can.

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I’m thinking of doing something like that, but instead of rubber bands, I was thinking of using sprockets with the grey links.
Would that be more efficient than rubber bands?

The rubber bands have always worked best for us.

Do you guys think I need a new intake?

Yes, Yes, Yes. Make it the whole 17" wide with rubber bands etcetera.

Here’s how are intake works:
link text

Go to about 0:55

Rubber band intake would be hard to fit…

Don’t have a lot of room, any suggestions?

Why do you have the black intake rollers next to the wheels?
For space?

Mainly helps bring the ball to the intake

If you want to make room, here’s what I would do:

  1. Put the front motors in the back of the robot, and attach it to the front wheels with chain. This saves a lot of space because the motors wont get in the way of the intake.
  2. Remove unnecessary parts to free up space.

You should have enough space to put the rubber band intake after this.

I already have 12 motors though…

You don’t need any additional motors.
All you are doing is removing the motors attached to the front two wheels.
You can then put them near the back of the robot and attach then with chain to the front wheels.
This saves space.